Business Focused, Results Driven

ShadowLens: Your Trusted Adviser For User & Data Cyber-security Projects

At ShadowLens we have the industry knowledge and experience to guide you through the process of choosing the right solutions for the complete security of your organisation’s security requirements. Our decades of experience and detailed awareness of the industry means we have direct access to the best solutions available on the market.

Solutions To Fit Your Business Requirements

Selection Processes & Criteria For Your Specific Technology Requirements

ShadowLens can help develop the right internal processes and identify the most appropriate technology and solution, tailored to the individual needs of each business unit within your organisation.

The Right Technology At The Right Price

Consolidation & Simplification Of Technology Purchases & Renewals

We offer end-to-end strategic guidance to take your organisation from initial supplier recommendations right through to technology management. This will result in significant reduction of costs and provide improved and simplified business planning.

User & Data Security Framework Development

Complete User & Data Project Implementation Strategies

The security of your organisation’s data and intellectual property shouldn’t be left to chance. ShadowLens can provide strategic advice and services to establish a ground-up user and data security framework tailored to individual business requirements.

Cyber-Security Consultative Services

Risk, Insider Threat, Classification, Compliance, Deception & Exfiltration

ShadowLens draws on decades of cyber-security experience to help navigate the complicated world of securing your organisation’s cyber-security ecosystem. We identify organisational risk with technology focused on user and data protection to ensure you meet industry best practice, global compliance regulations and your critical data is secure and protected.

Data Compliance Services

Simplified Approach To Data Compliance to Global Standards

We offer data analysis and reporting specific to your industry and global regional compliance laws. This allows clients to have visibility of where your data resides, where it is going and ensures it is always protected.

Classification Projects

Fast Track Compliance and Document Control

ShadowLens partners with industry leading classification technology vendors to safeguard your critical data at all times. Ensure you speak with us prior to progressing down lengthy and sometimes unnecessary classification projects. Our technologies can achieve the fastest return on investment when it comes to protecting data.

Application Vulnerability Assessments

Ongoing Risk Exposure Assessments For Multiple Threat Vectors

We offer comprehensive application security analytic services that help identify malicious code within web hosted and custom-built applications to detect threats and exploits that could lead to compromised systems and organisational environments. Mostly, target for the attacks are database administration tools, content management system and SaaS application.

Digital Risk Protection

Identifying Risk and Threat to Your Organisation Assets:

Organisations should protect themselves in the digital age as threat intelligence plays a vital role in an effective DRP program. Organisation must go further than traditional threat intelligence to protect themselves from risk across digital media platforms such as social media, deep and dark web.
The four key stages of DRP:

  • Map: Knowing your attack surface
  • Monitor: Detecting threat events
  • Mitigate: Applying patches, controls, IP blacklisting and more
  • Manage: Managing last 3 steps and optimizing the process

Our Methodology and Approach

We use several security testing techniques and tools to analyse the critical components of web-based portals, software code, infrastructure and application service platforms. Vulnerabilities are typically the result of a lack of input/output sanitization which can be exploited to gain unauthorized access. We can help you to find vulnerabilities and attack vectors including:

  • SQL Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Remote file Inclusion
  • Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF)

and many more.

Benefit of Engaging With ShadowLens

ShadowLens is a leading application Security Company with a full range of services specialising in application threat detection, security assessment and implementing application security strategies for your organisation.
We assist with deployment of application security software, perform web application penetration testing and security assessments. Our consultants are experts in the field of cyber security to perform assessments and provide the best outcome to our clients.
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Data Monetisation – Big Data & Analytics

Strategy Development, Internal Decision Making, Development Of Customer Propositions & Improved Customer Experience

From data comes insights that enable companies to make decisions and take appropriate actions to drive positive outcomes across all areas of business.Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, you need a data strategy that will provide value to your business, your customers and drive your growth. This section delves into some of our use cases and capabilities.

Organisational Efficiency & Optimisation

Harness Your Data For Smarter Business

Make use of the big data your organisation already has access to through everyday processes while conducting business with your clients and customers. When leveraged intelligently, we can reveal useful trends and patterns that can lead to the optimisation of your company’s resources and streamlining of operations. Data analytics and optimisation ensures better returns by supporting and enhancing business discussions and collaboration.

Data-driven Up-sell, Cross-Sell & Contextual Analytics

Increased Sales, Decreased Cart Abandonment, Improved Customer Experience

Explore deep into the analytics of your sales history to identify past purchase trends, increase customer loyalty, improve your sales, build your client or customer list, reduce cart abandonment, and improve customer experience.

Predictive AI for Inventory Analysis & Buyer Demand

Let The Data Drive Your Inventory Management

Understanding your customers’ needs, where they are located in the buyer’s journey, and their purchase intent is one of the most effective means of managing your inventory. Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven solutions make the most of your data lakes and real-time feeds so you can scan data, identify trends and anomalies and flag relevant issues for further attention. With the right analytics solutions in place, you’re in a better position to gain the right customer insight, predict demand, free up your working capital and create business value. ShadowLens can show you how.

Qualitative & Quantitative Customer Analysis

Data Triangulation with multiple data sources to improve customer experience

Merge the data collected from numerous customer touch-points to gain powerful insights into search behaviours, device usage, and purchase trends, and transform it into actionable analytics that can help you prevent consumer churn and increase sales.

IoT Analytics

Connect, manage, and optimise IoT data

Leverage the power of real-time data gathered through our IoT (Internet of Things) analytics solutions to: uncover user patterns and device data, transform monitoring and reporting, apply insights to take the right action, better predict outcomes and optimise IoT device performance.