How ShadowLens can help you with NIST framework requirement

The NIST framework consists of security standards, guidelines and best practice to manage cyber risk and threats. The framework was developed to with a focus on energy, banking, telecommunication, and defense industrial base sector but has found its way all across the industry sector. ShadowLens has expertise working with the NIST framework and can provide services to your company to ensure it is compliant and aligned to all or specific parts of this framework.

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NIST Framework

NIST Framework is defined by the following 14 areas

• Asset management
• Awareness & Training
• Governance
• Data Security
• Identification & Authentication
• Information Protection Process and Procedure
• Protective Technology
• Anomalies and Events
• Security Monitoring
• Detection Process

• Response Planning
• Risk Assessment
• System & Communication Protection
• System & Info Integrity

Shadowlens can assist organisations to reach compliance across all or some of these areas. In addition to this, we not only help you meeting NIST compliance, we can also help your business exceed these requirements and help you in more security initiatives.